Parent influence on children’s language acquisition

Besides all the benefits from the interactions between parent/caregiver and child during music classes, parents’ participation can play one of the most important keys for language acquisition that will transfer to future learning experiences. Parents are the greatest models for children. The way you act, speak and relate to others is the greatest example for […]


Benefits of parents-children classes

In our increasingly global world, parents realize that their kids will benefit from knowing more than one language. Exposing your child to a second language–Chinese will help him learn about eastern cultures. Research has shown that bilinguals tend to be more creative thinkers than those who speak one language, and one study suggests that their […]


Valuable opportunity in group learning

Early childhood group classes require a big deal of practice and repetition for kids to learn the rules and expectations. A well conducted class will teach your child to wait for a turn to get a prop, to respect others’ personal spaces, to expand his or her tolerance to frustration and many other limits that […]